Would you like to own part of Tynegrain? A true farmer owned business, run on a commercial basis with the interests of farmers at its core.

  • Easy tipping - Conveniently situated throughout the North of England farmer members have access to two stores: Tynegrain at Tyne Dock or the Wilton store located adjacent to Ensus or a short run to Teesport.
  • Well established haulage network - Not only do we run our own fleet of wagons but we have worked with many of our local hauliers for more than 30 years.
  • Access to deep water port - Tynegrain’s largest store is situated at a deep water berth capable of taking vessels up to 75,000 MT, this allows us to take full advantage of any export premiums available for our members’ grain.
  • Haulage rebates - Where grain is exported from the Port of Tyne and Teesport or sold to Ensus it is deemed to be at its final destination, and so part or all of the cost of haulage from the farm to the store is rebated back to the member.
  • Drying rebates - The Tynegrain group of companies has been consistently profitable for many years which has allowed the company to pay a drying rebate to its members. This has been up to a 20% return upon their initial investment.
  • No storage charge - Once the initial purchase cost of space is covered, there will be no yearly charge for storage.
  • No post-harvest worries - “Out of sight out of mind” - once the grain is over the weighbridge it is our responsibility, the member has no concerns of grain quality during storage.
  • Reduced yearly costs to a commercial store - We strive to analyse our drying costs on a yearly basis to ensure we are both fair and competitive.
  • Proven investment -Tynegrain members first took loans for space in 1983 for £19/tonne, new additional space is now available at £70/tonne.
  • Space trading -The ability to buy and sell space as your farm expands or contracts with the potential to benefit from any appreciation on loan space purchased.
  • No on farm investment required - Once you own space in Tynegrain there is no need for further investment in storage and drying facilities on farm. This releases farm buildings for other uses
  • No farm maintenance costs - Due to no on farm storage facilities, there are no maintenance costs to worry about.
  • Reduced farm man power - No need for a full time drier operator or store management.
  • Quality allowances - Being part of a cooperative allows lenience at times of most need, for example on bushel weight allowances for the 2012 harvest year, which were capped at £1.00 per bushel weight point.
  • Access to all of GrainCo’s marketing tools - Tynegrain members have full access to the benefits of Grainco marketing tools, including forward/spot selling, minimum priced contracts/options, futures trading, flexible payment arrangements, cash advances, guaranteed buy back contracts and last but not least pool marketing.
  • Inteletrade system - Enabling members to access all their administrative accounting and trading information via our secure interactive website.
  • Over £14m in group assets - At the end of Tynegrain’s last financial year (to 30th Jun 2015) the group had cash and assets exceeding £14 million. You can download a copy of these most recent accounts from here to find out more.
  • Group buying rebates - Introduced in 2013, the Tynegrain Board decided that as the buying group grows in the future it both becomes more financially viable to run and also receives larger discounts or rebates from the suppliers. These financial gains will be passed to the member on a pro-rata basis.
  • Dividend potential - In 2015 the Tynegrain members benefited from a one million pound dividend payment.
  • Technical advice - Tynegrain offers advice and technical support on agronomy, seed and fertiliser requirements from Basis and Facts qualified advisors.

For more information on Tynegrain, please visit the Tynegrain site by clicking the logo below...