About Us

GrainCo recognises the need for a strong commercial marketing arm run on behalf of farmers to balance the activities of the multinational organisations.

By maintaining a direct producer role within the grain supply industry, we believe we benefit farmers across Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Northern England and Scotland.

In addition to comprehensive grain marketing and trading services, we also provide strategically placed grain drying, storage and export facilities - all backed up by an experienced and dedicated workforce.

Our sister company Tynegrain Agriculture Ltd provides Agronomic advice and all the input requirements via a Buying Group for those farmer clients who wish to participate.

In addition to this we have formed strategic alliances with several major input companies whereby we act as agents thus enabling us to cater for all of our clients requirements through whatever medium they prefer allowing us to offer the best quality, price and service possible.

Driven by the desire to return good value to our members and farmer clients, we bring together the best training and management expertise to serve the interests of growers in today's competitive marketplace.

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How we work

With frequent changes in European and U.S. farm policy interacting with the variability of world crop and currency markets, we constantly monitor changes and developments that can influence market prices. Our ability to track and take advantage of these developments allows the farmer to concentrate on producing crops with the confidence, knowing his interests are being looked after by Grainco on his behalf.

At GrainCo, we have strong trading links with feed compounders, flour millers, distillers, brewers, maltsters and oilseed crushers both in the U.K. and in Europe. Built up over many years, these relationships give us a unique advantage in meeting the rigorous needs of today’s grain consumer. In particular:

  • We offer continuity and volume of supply for known qualities of grain
  • We offer unrivalled flexibility when and where possible to both our buyers and sellers
  • We have built an excellent reputation on our swift efficient payment system to our farmer clients
  • We have a streamlined management structure which allows resolution to any issue`s in a quick and efficient manner
  • We are committed to the highest quality standards - which is is reflected in the controls we apply from seed through to the final delivery of our product

The Board


Steve Gillie, Owner of a Newcastle-based shipping company and formerly Commissioner of the Port of Blyth.


John Hutcheson, Farming 1,500 acres in Fife, Qualified Chartered Accountant and Chairman of Quaker Grower Group.

Farmer Director

Peter Jackson, Farming 1,500 acre’s in Northumberland, Chairman of Tynegrain Ltd and Councillor for Hexham.

Farmer Director

John Hutcheson, Farming 1,500 acres in Fife, Qualified Chartered Accountant and Chairman of Quaker Grower Group.

Farmer Director

Michael Scholey, Farming 1,200 acres in North Yorkshire.

Farmer Director

Bob Davidson, Farming 750 acres in the Tyne & Wear area.

Managing Director

Gary Bright, 35+ years experience working in the UK grain industry.

Trading Director

Edward Rust, 35+ years experience working in the UK grain industry.

Commercial Director

Charlie Birnie, 35+ years experience working in the UK grain industry.

Financial Director

Sue Duck, ACMA Qualified Accountant.


What is GrainCo’s annual turnover?

For the financial year ended June 30th 2021 GrainCo had sales of £181 million.

Who owns GrainCo?

GrainCo is controlled by Tynegrain Limited, which owns 100% of the company's share capital.

Does GrainCo offer any online services?

Yes, to access your account details, contract tonnages, collected weights etc via our online Fast Track service, please Login to fast track...

How do I apply for a job at GrainCo?

Follow this link to our contact us page where you can apply through our contact form.

Who are GrainCo's board of directors?

Our board of directors can be seen above.

Where are the main trading offices of GrainCo?

GrainCo's main trading offices are located in South Shields, Tyne & Wear and Turriff, Scotland. To see our full contact details, please follow this link to our contact page.

Who are the Senior Management Team at GrainCo?

The Senior Management Team comprises:
Gary Bright (Managing Director)
Sue Duck (Finance Director)
Charles Birnie (Commercial Director)
Edward Rust (Trading Director)