GrainCo can supply the best quality seed from our very own dedicated cereal seed plant. This can supplemented from our network of suppliers.

The majority of our seed is grown on long established and trusted farms; all within the Grainco trading area. Every stage of the certified seed production is controlled in house via our ministry licensed field inspectors, seed samplers, analysts and the laboratory.

The team at the plant have over 150 years of agricultural experience between the 4 of them. That's an impressive average of 35+ years per person.

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We provide the following seed products:

  • Winter Wheat
  • Winter Barley
  • Peas
  • Winter Oilseed Rape
  • Winter Oats
  • Grass Seed
  • Spring Wheat
  • Spring Barley
  • Beans
  • Spring Oilseed Rape
  • Spring Oats
  • Game Mix

Plus a variety of other specialist seeds such as mustard, linseed, rye and triticale.

We can supply the full range of agricultural grass seed mixtures tailored to your needs.

We also supply all SFI/ stewardship mixtures to meet all scheme requirements.

For those looking to get early drilled, GrainCo - when possible - secure a tonnage of over-yeared seed.

For more information please contact your Grainco Rep or the main here to contact us

Seed Calculator

Use the following tool to calculate the volume of seed needed,
according to sowing rate, TGW and the area you wish to cover.

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