GrainCo markets a comprehensive range of quality fertilisers, sourced from leading manufacturers, at competitive prices:

  • Blends
  • Grassland
  • Straights
  • Compounds
  • Urea Sulphurs
  • Imported Ammonium Nitrate
  • Nitrogen Sulphurs
  • Liquid
  • Plus a variety of other specialist fertilisers.

Our FACTS qualified staff are trained to match the right product with the specific needs of your cropping system.

GrainCo endeavors to work with suppliers who provide the best value and service to ensure our customers get the right product at the most competitive price with the most efficiency and simplicity.

The fertiliser market is evolving and maturing. There is more competition, better quality and increasing innovation within the sector. This is good for our customers but also means they must adapt to make the most of the market. GrainCo’s trading team are very close to the market and offer excellent advice to our farmer customers.



New measures - Control of Explosives Precursors & Poisons Regulations 2023, came into force on 1st Oct 2023

There is a requirement that we have verified that our customers are bonafide users of materials classified as regulated explosives and that we hold certain information, including photographic ID of the business customer, or the person associated with the business responsible for the purchase of such goods, on file

If you have any questions call the main office on 0191 428 7700 or contact Tom.Carmichael@grainco.co.uk ... OR ask your company representative.

Fertiliser safety data sheet downloads

Please click on any of the following links for our printable PDF's

Finance on Inputs

Here at GrainCo we can offer finance to suit your needs on Inputs with late payment dates at competitive rates. Please ask a member of staff to discuss various options when considering your requirements for the season.


Trial Plots, Tech Days & Agronomy

GrainCo host trial plots / technical knowledge days throughout the year. These showcase the success of a number of inputs specific to the local area. This enables our members to be informed of the latest varieties/techniques 'in situ'. We advise on how to improve productivity & profitability in your business.

Guest speakers from key organisations in the sector, present facts & options on the best farm practice - from what fertiliser to use - to managing various soil types.