GrainCo Storage and Drying


Grainco provides a gateway to and from Europe; and world markets via the network of ports it operates through.

Grainco since its inception have handled millions of tonnes of Wheat, Barley, Oats, Maize and Rapeseed to and from a variety of destinations as far afield as Mexico, Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, South Korea, Ukraine and Romania.

At Grainco we are committed to finding the best marketing opportunities for our farmer clients and consumers whether that is at home or abroad.

At Grainco we have had many firsts, including the largest ever single shipment of Rapeseed and Barley from the UK. Grainco is always finding new clients for our farmers produce whether that be for Feed or Milling Wheat, Oats, or Rapeseed.

The import/export market - to and from Europe - is the key to balancing the yearly supply demand equation in the UK. It ultimately what dictates our price direction, therefore we have always worked tirelessly in locating buyers and addressing their specific needs to enable a continual flow of exports from our trading area.

GrainCo Storage and Drying

Bulk Handling

Utilising the companies years of bulk grain handling experience we have diversified our commercial offer to handling other bulk commodities. We are already providing move, manage and storage services to blue chip companies for bulk products and are estimated to handle circa 500,000mt of product per year.

We operate in all of the major ports in the North East of England and Scotland and have excellent working relationships and understanding of how they function. This ensures that we can operate efficiently and effectively.

Our storage network, which includes our own stores and third party stores, provide an excellent network for importing or exporting large volumes of bulk products. This network is complimented by our experienced work force, established haulage and administrative systems, which combined provide a one stop hassle free service.

Summary of services:

  • Cargo Discharge
  • Haulage and Logistics
  • Onward Delivery
  • Storage
  • Stock Control