Precision Agriculture (PA)

Precision Agriculture (PA) is an advanced approach in which farmers enhance their productivity, quality, and yields, by optimizing inputs such as water or fertilizer.

It's been around some 15-20 years now and has really accelerated with rapid advances in technology, e.g. the use of drones / or UAVs for remote sensing.

Modern agricultural production relies on monitoring crop status by observing and measuring variables such as soil condition, plant health, fertilizer and pesticide effect, irrigation, and crop yield.

Delivering this precision monitoring; linked to access to results via our portal; and backed by expert advice - is what OrbitCo provides.

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Why choose OrbitCo?

These are the key reasons why farmers want to use precision farming:-

  • 82% say they want improve productivity or performance.
  • 81% say they want improve measurement accuracy.
  • 60% say they want reduce environmental impacts
  • 55% say they want reduce input/production costs
  • 44% say they want improve soil conditions

How OrbitCo works for you

Using the latest satellite technology, images are taken which are used to create zonal soil maps. These maps are used by our own agronomists to take soil samples from each zone.

From the soil sample results, nutrient variable rate plans are created. Satellite images are taken throughout the spring, which are used to produce variable nitrogen plans.

Soil sampling is carried out on a 3-4 year cycle.

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A wealth of local knowledge

The agronomy team have a wealth of local knowledge including first-hand experience of the soil types and weather conditions.

We believe this gives us a head start over other precision farming companies.

Understanding your land and soils is pivotal, and by applying the exact quantities of fertilisers and seed, growers can get the maximum return from every acre.

This will improve productivity, save time and reduce your environmental impact.

The time to act is now

There has never been a more important time to consider precision farming.

The platfrom assists growers to target all seed and fertiliser inputs at the optimum rates which helps achieve the highest gross margin and profit.

OrbitCo independent precision agriculture can bring benefits to all farm sizes.

We can tailor our services the needs of each individual farm enterprise, including medium to small farms that may have a greater need for efficiency.

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